Gloria Schaefer, teacher and motivational speaker, lived her life demonstrating love of the Lord, of family, of friends and appreciation for new acquaintances. She was the action behind her key phrases "you are important," or "when we meet, smile and share a positive word" and "all glory goes to God."

Known as "Mrs. Schaefer" to hundreds of students, Gloria's family now supports her legacy by providing an annual scholarship award to a junior or senior collegiate student who exemplifies Schaefer's energy and selfless dedication to others. Though academic success is considered, the nominee must demonstrate drive and integrity. Most importantly, the candidate should be known for humble appreciation of family, friends and strangers. 

The value of each scholarship is to be $1000.

The student, a collegiate level junior or senior, must be in good standing at an accredited school in the great state of South Dakota. The applicant mush also be a citizen of South Dakota.

Postmarked or emailed on or before May 8.

A letter of support must include the following:
     1. Name, position and college contact information of the nominator.
     2. Name and contact information for the student.
     3. Details supporting the particular student's nomination.
         -Contributions to the good of others.
         -Future plans to benefit others.
         -Documentation showing the student is enrolled and in good standing with college.

Nomination letters should be mailed/emailed to:

Mrs. Schaefer's Scholarship
PO Box 635
Reliance, SD 57569


Those submitting a nomination will receive confirmation. The finalist nominees will be contacted by the scholarship committee for further interview by June 13.

to the 2016 recipients...

-Elizabeth Julian - University of Sioux Falls
-Megan Knadle - Augustana
-Megan Lafayette - Black Hills State University
Paige Wright - University of South Dakota