South Dakota State University

"Wasn't she good!" This is one comment I heard numerous times from those attending our program...

                                                                     Deb Sundem, Extension Educator

Lyman School District

The stories, messages, and humor had me wanting to laugh one minute and cry the next.

                                                                     Mark, Staff Member

South Dakota Farmers Union Foundation

I don't think a day has passed that I haven't thought about one of the encouraging stories you told.

                                                                     Leslie Rupiper Morrow, Executive Director

South Dakota Municipal League

She was a fantastic speaker, and received almost unanimously excellent ratings...

                                                                      Yvonne Taylor, Executive Director

University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension

...your opening presentation was an excellent example of the high standards that we set for Women in Ag.

                                                                       Deb Rood, Conference Coordinator

South Dakota Association of RC&D Councils

Gloria, thank you for your presentations. We appreciated your taking the time to get to know Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D). You are excellent and we are proud to have you as a rural South Dakotan!

                                                                       John Deppe